Chad Hankins

Founder and Editor in Chief

I was born in Pueblo, Colorado to a deeply religious family, with whom I argued constantly. My freshman year of high school started in 2000, which was the same year as the beginning of the George W. Bush Administration. With no small amount of hormones and a steady diet of punk rock, I developed a serious interest in politics during a time when our entire political landscape was changing. I credit Bush: The Sequel with planting the seeds of my insatiable need to follow politics to a junkie-like degree.

I started Citizen Root Press to make sure that there was a place for real conversations about real issues to take place. It's a safe house for ideas and frankness, while we try to figure out the problems of the world. It's also a great forum for political articles that are riddled with sex puns.

When I'm not making fun of people for money, I like to spend time with my wife and dogs and chickens and tortoise, take road trips, make fart noises with my mouth when strangers bend over (embarrassing the aforementioned wife), and read subversive literature. Oh, and sometimes I write too.

Robert Anthony Cuomo


I was born and raised in Queens, NY. My family moved to Colorado in 1997. Denver is where my wife, Chloe and I call home. I have been a journalist and activist since I was 16 years old. I have hosted a successful podcast and blog and have published articles in both print and online publications. I am all about challenging the status quo. We as journalists are in a battle of public information and perception. And my calling in life is to scrape the daily shit off from the fans and transform it into an article you can comprehend and potentially laugh at.

Brittany Nichols

Designer and Web Master

I currently live in Tulsa, OK and work in the print world. I now freelance graphic and web design to beef up the payments on my student loans.




When my old buddy Chad approached me in 2015 with what I expected to be just a couple design pointers, I immediately dove in. These ideas and opinions and hilariously bold statements needed a beautiful vehicle for delivery. I am constantly updating the site to make it a more suiting, digital atmosphere for our writers' voices and our great readers. There is much more in store for this little press, I am sure! I am so glad to be an integral part of the Citizen Roots team and expect to share some amazing experiences with these guys.


Please visit my website to view my portfolio, resume, & inquire about design services.