Muslims Save Christians From Terrorists

If FOX News and professional shitheel Donald Trump are to be believed, all 1.6 billion Muslims on the planet are radical, Christian hating, women oppressing, pro-terrorists. They all have a ravenous desire for the blood of the God fearing, and their religion calls for this very thing. That's why we need to go full fascist, and outlaw this insane and dangerous religion in America.

But a story broke just before Jesus' birthday in 2015 that disproves this horrendously ignorant and xenophobic idea.

On December 21st, 2015, several reputable news organizations reported that a bus in Kenya was overtaken by al-Shabaab terrorists operating in the region. They killed one person who tried to flee, and another who failed to recite verses of the Quran. But many more passengers were saved through an act of bravery and unity that mainstream media in America refuses to cover.

When the terrorists shot the driver in the leg from outside of the bus, the passengers quickly understood what was happening. They were under attack by extremists. The Muslims on the bus quickly dressed the Christians in Muslim drag so that the gunmen would have a hard time deciding who to shoot. When the assailants told the Muslims to step away from the Christians, the unbelievably brave Muslims refused. They said that they would not 'separate from (their) brothers and sisters.' They were threatened with death, assault rifles pointed at their faces, and still refused to back down to these hate filled monsters who have proven themselves the enemies of all humanity, not just Christians. This show of strength caused all ten armed terrorists on that bus to back down, leaving all of the passengers intact, with heads to wear hijabs and hands to hold Bibles.

Another under reported story, that's a little closer to home, is the 200,000 plus dollars that American Muslims have raised to help the victims of the San Bernardino attacks, and their families, from late last year. The most disturbing part of this story isn't that Muslims stood up to take care of their fellow Americans, it's that the charitable participants had to briefly stop and strategize in order to make sure that their work wouldn't be misconstrued as some kind of obscenely clever terrorist sympathy. Knuckle draggers in this country would assume that their motivation for raising funds was something along the lines of ; “First, we'll raise a bunch of money to help victims. Then we'll read the Quran. Then we'll straight Jihad our asses off!” That's the America we're living in. One in which someone with an unfamiliar background to the status quo does something nice for us, and then has to worry about being lumped in with terrorists. That's fucking embarrassing.

The truth is that these headlines don't sell. A bunch of brown people who believe in something that is almost the exact same as Christianity take incredible steps for mankind at their peril is a real sleeper. Now, if Trump was to call every Muslim in America a 'camel fucker,' ignoring the limited access to camels in this country, it would get ten million hits, and his poll numbers would jump up five percent. What in the hell has happened to us? We piss on critical thinking, we demonize over a half billion people because of the horrifying actions of a few thousand, and we boast the glory of The Constitution while we wipe our asses with it.

I'm at a loss. I love America. I think that being born within her borders is the best possible consequence of birth. But we're on the brink of pushing ourselves into a historic collapse. We follow just about every other developed nation in education, science, environmental protection, and economic development. Yet we lead them all in military interventions, mass shootings, and imprisonment of non-violent citizens. When will we stop for a second and realize that none of this is working? We're looking at the very real possibility that a man may enter the White House running on a platform that echoes Adolf Hitler in a way that makes any student of history shutter. If we require a religious group to identify themselves in order to inform how we deal with them, then we've officially lost our fucking minds and surrendered our freedoms.

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