Bernie Sanders or Third-Party Bust

As a registered Independent who has only recently thrown his support the way of Bernie Sanders, watching the live results of Saturday night’s South Carolina primary made me a little queasy. Sanders, who practically stands for everything that I morally believe in was squashed like a bug by his corporate establishment opponent, Hillary Clinton. The South Carolina primary might be the turning point that Clinton needed to finally turn the corner on the electric Feel the Bern Revolution. While every poll known to man concluded weeks and months ago said that Clinton was going to win South Carolina handily, shock waves rippled through the party as she didn’t just win big. She won YUGE and her current momentum and stride is something we haven’t seen yet in this primary season. Or in the 2008 election, for that matter. Bernie supporters have reason to be worried. Endorsements by Dr. Cornell West and rapper Killer Mike didn’t help a single bit in Sanders’ attempt to sway the black vote in South Carolina. He lost the black vote by an unfathomable 86-14 margin. He also lost the white vote 54-46 which is the first time that has happened this election. My assumption is that maybe the internet and television aren’t available to the good folks of South Carolina. Considering the corporate interest Clinton stands behind, it is quite shocking to find that so many citizens would gladly vote against their self-interests... Again. And it really made me think about the historical context of both candidates. I wondered if South Carolinians knew that at around the same time Bernie marched for civil rights side by side with Martin Luther King in 1963, Hillary was campaigning for then Senator Barry Goldwater who promised to overturn the Civil Rights Act and sought out to racially re-segregate the United States. Probably not. All that being said, the cracks and the rumblings in the Sanders support system were felt Saturday night after such a big defeat. With all the Super Delegates seemingly swaying the way of the Clinton camp, the realization that Sanders won’t defeat the big bad corporate Clinton machine is fermenting. And the unknown amount of Independent voters passionately caucusing for Bernie are at risk of leaving their support for the Democratic Party behind in the general election. The fact is with the way that the delegate system is set up, Hillary seemingly has this race on lockdown. She has damn near all of the super delegates which pisses me the fuck off that super delegates are even still a thing. She has more money than Bernie from Super PAC prostitutes who she will have to “pay back” when elected president. And on top of all of that, the mainstream media loves her. It seems that it would take some kind of miracle for Bernie to win this thing. And here is the cold reality: Independents like me won’t ever vote for Hillary Clinton. I won’t do it. I vote with principle and conviction and I sure as hell don’t subscribe to the whole notion that voting third party is throwing away your vote. Voting for a lesser of two evil’s is still voting for evil and it’s not merely throwing away your conformed vote. It’s soaking your vote in gasoline and torching it in a school yard for innocent children to suffocate a slow meaningless death. Voting for the lesser of two evils is about as meaningless as not voting at all. The most recent CBS/New York Times poll found that 14 percent of Democratic primary voters would never vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election. That’s a big problem for the country because it means good things for the dumbed down swarm of imbeciles that is the Donald Trump election campaign. But there is a solution, and it’s the third-party option. It’s been swept under the rug for way too long and too many good hearted American citizens are in denial that it’s even a possibility. We’ve been bamboozled as a society into believing that the two-party duopoly is the only way to vote. In fact it’s not only a fabricated and well executed lie, it’s criminal bullshit. Allow me to elaborate. I began this election cycle about a year ago endorsing Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein to anyone willing to listen or who I can successfully corner. This was before Sanders entered the race. Stein ran an inspirational campaign that no one heard of in 2012, and I vowed to support a third-party candidate in 2016. When Sanders entered the race it became suddenly clear that his political platform was almost identical to Stein’s. Their stances on Individual Rights and International Defense Issues are practically the same. Sanders is even slightly more conservative on Domestic and Economic issues than Stein. Like Bernie, Jill too is anti-Wall Street and wants to raise taxes on the 1 percent. She too supports ending the war on drugs and fixing a systematically racist criminal justice system. She too supports Black Lives Matter and equal rights for both minorities and women. She is pro-choice, pro-gay marriage. She likes baby kittens and helping old folks cross the street. She may not have been arrested while marching for civil rights with Martin Luther King in the 1960’s like Sanders. But she was arrested in 2012 fighting for her own set of rights. Why, you ask? Because in the second of three debates between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, third party candidates were strictly barred from participating. Stein was representing the Green Party and was arrested along with her running mate Cheri Honkala on the steps of Hofstra University attempting to enter the debate. Stein and Honkala were on the ballot of 85 percent of the country. Clearly the American public deserved to be aware of who their choices were on the ballot. But instead of getting to debate Obama and Romney in front of a national audience, Stein and her running mate spent 8 hours handcuffed to a chair before being released. So, she has some street cred. And for all you Democrats who are only voting for Hillary because she was born with ovaries, guess what? So was Stein. And on top of that, Jill Stein didn’t lie about her emails, Benghazi, or sniper fire in Bosnia. Forget Brian Williams. We don’t need a sitting president misremembering foreign policy disputes. I encourage anyone out there who is willing to not vote at all on election day if Sanders doesn’t get the nomination to vote for Stein. For one, it will show the country that a third-party candidate can be a realistic option for change. The Independent power in this country is the real silent majority. The hell with what Trump’s xenophobic cult following believes. They are not even close to a silent majority. The latest Gallup Poll found that in 2015, 42 percent of adults identified as political independents. 29 percent of adults are Democrats and the 26 percent are soulless Neanderthals. Sorry. I spelled Republicans wrong. I don’t think the American people quite grasp this remarkable situation. I honestly don’t know if they understand that it is them who hold all the cards in this deck, not the corporate duopoly that is the Democrat and Republican two-party system. We don’t have to elect a Democrat or Republican if we don’t want to. Now, while I fully support Bernie Sanders, he is not your run of the mill Democrat. Hell, he wasn’t a registered Democrat from 1979 to 2015. It is completely wild that a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist is even running on the ticket.

But in the case that he loses to the untrustworthy Clinton, Americans have to understand that they are not trapped into having to vote the way the media tells them to. Independents run this country. We are the most sought after vote and our vote matters the most when it comes to the tremendous majority we have over both failing political parties.

And if you’re a Bernie supporter, there is literally no better option than Jill Stein. I’m not going to vote for Clinton. And if consequentially Trump gets elected because Clinton couldn’t rally enough robots to vote for her, don’t blame us Independents. Blame the Democrat Party. A Party that is willing to nominate a lying, Wall Street, corporate hawk in Clinton deserves neither Bernie nor their criminal candidate. They deserve Trump, and they'll have earned it.

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