Islamaphobia is Great for ISIS

The disgusting, backwards, fundamentalist, hypocritical troglodytes that compose ISIS, have taken credit for the March 22nd bombing in Brussels that's left at least 33 dead and as many as 300 injured. Because of this horrific event, your social media outlets are about to be inundated with hateful and misguided comments and memes directed toward every Muslim on the planet, and Trump is already calling for torture, saying he'd go way beyond waterboarding. This happens every time there's a terrorist attack by radicals who read the wrong version of the bible, so it's pretty standard fare. But what nobody seems to think about is how much Islamaphobia actually benefits terrorist groups like ISIS. You may be saying to yourself “But Chad, they's Mooslims. How's me turnin' their asses red, white, and blue good fer terr?!” I'll explain.

There's the obvious problem of us creating division by re-enforcing the idea of “the other.” If you treat every Muslim in the world like one of the marginal assholes who thinks that strapping a bomb to his chest will get him a pile of virgins, then you create a narrative for ISIS recruiters. Terrorist recruiters don't start off by telling potential fresh blood about the violence and killing. That only appeals to a handful of unstable bastards. They'll start with a message of solidarity, something that anti-Islamic sentiment does nothing but support. They'll say things like “Look at them. They don't want you. They hate you. They hate Allah. But you love Allah, and so do we. You should work for us. We'll always care for you. We understand you, and they clearly never can.” That's powerful stuff to someone who feels disenfranchised and scorned because of who he is and what he believes. If you don't believe me, ask your local pimp.

Another way that our collective xenophobia makes it easier for terrorists to slaughter innocent people with unfettered resolve, is that it keeps us from forming alliances with the 5 million troops that hoist the flags of Middle Eastern nations. This would be an invaluable partnership that could flip terrorism on it's head. They understand the culture, the religion, the language, and the region, better than any foreigner (that's us in this case) ever could. The amount of intel that could be provided by cooperation with troops from Muslim nations is potentially enormous. As we saw in late 2015, when a busload of Muslims in Kenya saved the Christians on their bus from a terrorist attack by dressing them in Muslim garb, and then standing between them and the al-Shabaab members who were attacking them, Muslim allies can be pretty damned useful.

We're also feeding a ravenous and lecherous beast by pushing refugees back into terrorist controlled areas. What do you think happens to someone who can't flee from terrorists because we're afraid that they might be one? The fantasy answer is that they'll rise above their circumstance, and change the region, nay, the world. If their not terrorists, then they must be heroes! But in all likelihood they'll probably have to work with or join their local terrorists just to survive. Our ignorance and irrational behavior is pushing people into situations that they can't escape without becoming an enemy of America.

Lastly, America has a dollar Black Budget that's used to fund groups like the infamous Seal Team 6, but we don't seem too interested in using it all that often. Not only is it cheaper to just bomb and decimate entire areas than it is to do reconnisance and send highly trained soldiers to eliminate specific targets, but it keeps donors, I mean war contractors very happy. The longterm problem is that a foreign nation dropping aerial bombs on the house that your mother, father, brothers, and sisters are in, tends to galvanize a pretty negative view of that foreign nation. If you saw a drone with a Swedish flag stamped on the side of it fly over and desintegrate your mom, wouldn't you harbor a bit of ill will toward them? You probably never had a problem with Sweden before, but you'd be obsessed with revenge after that.

Why do you think that we've spent over a trillion dollars on the War on Terror without putting any considerable dent in terrorist acts? It's because we're responding illogically to a misguided version of a belief system that promises everything to the 'faithful,' and brews deep in the cold hearts of rabid fanatics. Almost everything that we've done so far has not only failed to solve the problem of ISIS, but has been the engine that moves the group forward. We either need to realize that there's no fucking way that 1.8 billion people are radicalized, blood thirsty, terrorists who want to kill us all, or we need to get used to a dark future full of gut-wrenching attacks like the ones that have recently plagued Europe.

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