Only Bernie Sanders Can Save Us from President Donald Trump

Indiana is officially the straw that broke the elephant’s back. Donald Trump has done what damn near every single political analysist and journalist said could not be achieved almost one year ago. The nightmare prospect of a President Donald Trump is one step closer to reality.

The second act of the American saga known as the 2016 Scorched Earth Election officially opened today after John Kasich suspended his campaign in front of a stunned audience who had no idea he was still in the race. The blindsided crowd of two or three dozen gasped and could be heard screaming, “Oh my God! You’re still in it?!”

This followed Ted Cruz’s campaign suspension announcement last night to an actual stunned and gasping crowd of devout supporters. The campaign suspension came to a surprise to many people who truly believed his #NeverBeatTrump strategy was the perfect game plan. I mean, Cruz was good at never beating Trump. It seemed fool proof to me. But nevertheless Cruz finally graciously dipped out and it was about damn time.

But of course the unmistakable consequence of Cruz and Kasich dropping out is that Trump is the last Oompa Loompa standing and in a lightning flash, the ugly inevitable has been cemented. Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for President of the United States.

Say it out loud: President Donald Trump.

Go on and say it again: President Donald Trump. Makes my fingers tremble just typing it. But it's a real possibility. It's damn real.

As the news broke about Trump essentially locking down the nomination, bloody horror spread across social media feeds. It's almost like everyone forgot that Trump was going to win. The #NeverTrump social media campaign did its job in a way of gifting the American conscience with a fake hope that a beatable creep like Ted Cruz would divide and conquer the party. Cruz wasn’t supposed to drop out like this. But now the realization that Trump is the inevitable nominee is settling in and unity within the Republican Party is the alleged goal of Trump’s campaign.

If the Republican Party is to unite around Trump now that a contested convention is off the table, it sure didn’t sound like it on conservative talk radio today. It was a viciously divisive hoot and holler as an all-day conservative bitch-fit erupted.

The narrative from conservative hosts is that they will never vote for a despicable totalitarian fake-conservative in Trump. Caller after caller on the Mike Brown and Sean Hannity radio programs warned the staunch conservative hosts of the prospect of Hillary becoming president and desperately tried to persuade them to change their minds and vote for Trump. Both hosts refuse to commit to any candidate.

Mark Levin is mourning the death of his beloved country and vows to never vote for Trump.

Glenn Beck is calling to create a third party that can rival the two-party duopoly.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders shocked the Democrats again yesterday by defeating Clinton in Indiana but got no love from talk radio. Another upset win by Bernie got overshadowed much like his entire run for president. And despite Bernie’s big upset, on each one of these conservative host’s shows was the united front of visceral hatred for Hillary Clinton. You wouldn’t even know Bernie was still in the race. This leads me to believe that they purposely don’t want to talk about Bernie. The hatred of Hillary boils their skin so much that it keeps them one track minded which quite frankly, scares me a bit.

While I was confident the one party that could defeat Trump would in fact be the Republican Party, all along I knew the one thing that could unite a divided Republican Party is the Democratic nomination of Hillary Clinton. Their hatred for Hillary isn’t something that can be learned or taught. For seasoned Republicans, the hatred is engrained and bred. It's a holy right of passage for Republicans to loathe Hillary. The talking points are instinctual. The visceral hatred will unite them.

Trump has already set a record in grabbing the most primary votes of any Republican in history. If the moderate Republicans swallow their pride and unite with the Trumpets in the general election, it could be a deathblow for a candidate like Hillary. She has done a terrible job convincing Independents to vote for her. Young voters have flocked to Bernie. There is no excitement in her camp. She's getting by on her name recognition against Bernie, but that wont fly in a contest versus Trump.

Bernie on the other hand has garnered a tremendous amount of excitement and luster that will be absolutely necessary in a bout with a seasoned reality TV star. We don't know the dirty tricks Trump will pull against Hillary. She has a laundry list of downfalls that Bernie has addressed like an adult without ever having to mention Benghazi or emails. Trump will not give Hillary that same pass and who knows what will come of it.

And at this point we need a sure bet. That sure bet is Bernie and I think the Republicans know it and it confuses me more and more everyday why Democrats haven’t figured this out yet.

One thing for sure is that if one word pisses off conservatives more than socialist, it’s Hillary.

We don’t need to unite a Republican party who seems as divided as ever. And that’s exactly what is going to happen. The nomination of Hillary could be the perfect storm that angers Republicans into the end of the in-fighting and the beginning of a mass healing and eventual party unity. I don’t think Bernie ignites these fierce dramatic emotions. Now that the prospect of the Republican Party imploding in Cleveland is over, the Democrats really need to reevaluate who they are sending into war with Trump.

The most recent CNN general election poll has Bernie up by 16 points on Trump and Hillary up by 13. Hillary trailed Trump by 2 points in a Ramussen poll last week. Bernie has never trailed Trump in any national poll. Bernie also doesn’t have the kind of skeletons Hillary has and Trump will eat her alive because of it. Think about it. Trump has been throwing haymakers with no backlash for almost an entire year beginning with basically calling John McCain a pussy for getting captured in Vietnam.

Trump accused Obama of being an illegal immigrant. He accused Cruz of cheating on his wife. He hinted that the Saudi's were the real country behind 9/11. And he accused Cruz's father of helping Lee Harvey Oswald kill JFK for Christ sake. Imagine the accusations and allegations we are going to get if Hillary wins the nomination. You are going to grow a Benghazi and emails complex. The nation will be dragged through hostile attack after hostile attack. We will never hear the end of it and it will be the ugliest general election we will ever see.

The unfortunate reality is that Bernie Sanders is mathematically unable to achieve the nomination without the help of super delegates. This means he has to convince around 500 super delegates to jump ship. And the only way he could possibly do that is by winning the remaining 10 states, which he can do.

If he wins the last 10 states it would be incredibly difficult and frankly awkward for the super delegates to support Hillary who at that point would have lost 20 of the last 25 state elections.

It’s a long shot possibility with a sure shot ending. All Bernie has to do is win out.

With Trump wrapping up the Republican nomination, for the first time the spotlight is now exclusively on every single Democratic primary which benefits Bernie. He will no longer have an exposure problem if he keeps winning.

He may get a little bit of that free publicity that Trump has been getting from the mainstream media for 10 months.

He is favored in most polls to win the next primary in West Virginia which will keep the ball rolling. A ball that the Republicans wish Bernie would pick up already and go back home to Vermont. They want Hillary for the sake of their party, for the sake of the election. The next chapter in this saga begins today.


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