A Vote for Clinton Now is a Vote for Trump Later

From the very beginning of this election, the assumption that Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic nominee has persisted. And why not? She's been at the forefront of American politics since the early 90's, she has a last name that we've already seen in the White House, and her pantsuits have been on point from day one. Then, of course there's the minute sect of her supporters who are excited about the idea of us having a female President. I get that. Brazil is already impeaching their female President, and we haven't even had one yet. We're pretty late to the table on that one. However, Clinton is so damaged as a candidate, that Trump's campaign wants nothing more than for her to be the nominee set for them to vanquish.

It's well known that Hillary Clinton is currently under investigation by 12 FBI Agents for her private server emails. But what isn't being recognized by the Democrats is just how devastating this fact is. It's a soft lob to Trump's campaign coordinators. Trump's not under investigation by the FBI, so he has an actual reason to call her “Crooked Hillary.” He may be the human equivalent of a microwaved baby gerbil, but he isn't under the microscope of any federal outfits. Other than maybe the IRS, but they're certainly nobody's heroes. When's the last time you heard someone say “Thank god! The IRS is here!”

Trump is by no means innocent. He speaks like that fourth grader who pets the cat too hard, he boasts about his extramarital affairs, and he has four bankruptcies and a slew of failed companies under his belt. But his base doesn't care about any of that. Knowing this information would involve reading and getting all thinky, and Trump supporters aren't willing to do that. They just wanna hear someone be as loud, dumb, and racist as they were at Mema's last birthday party. His nomination proves that the facts don't hurt him.

Another thing that Republicans are desperate to drum up are the transcripts of Clinton's Goldman Sachs speeches. I'm willing to bet that their were a couple of conservatives on the staff of the massive investment bank at the time of said speeches, and they know just how favorable to Wall Street Clinton's remarks were. The right-wing is pouring a lot of time, money, and effort into collecting these transcripts so that they can show Democratic voters that Hillary is just as bad as they are. They plan to beat Clinton by turning her into a Republican, and showing her supporters that Trump is more on their side than she is. The most insane part about this plan is how effective it is. Showing that Hillary is every bit as horrific to the American populous as her Republican contemporaries will alienate any of her potential supporters who find themselves on the fence. She's already polling abysmally with Independents. So, the right plans to say “Look! She's as fucked up as we are! But we have this anti-establishment guy. You people like that, right?” Unlike Geraldo Rivera saying that Trump needs to go after the “hip hop” vote (whatever the fuck that is), this strategy is pretty solid. It's a fact that Trump has no Super PAC and that Clinton takes money in fat stacks. Oh, shit! Maybe I'm the hip hop vote! Damn you, Geraldo!

Then there are the actual numbers. In a recent Reuters poll, Clinton and Trump are in a statistical tie. They're at 41% and 40% respectively. That means Clinton's leading by 1%, with a 3% margin of error. That is not a strong showing. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders has beaten Trump by double digits for 88 polls in a row. Seriously. Try to find a reputable poll in which Trump Beats Sanders nationally. Not to mention the fact that Hillary's the least liked Democratic candidate in history. Like since the dawn of time.

But Bernie Sanders is out of the race, right? According to the media she has 12,000 delegates to his 15 (or something like that)! How can he win?! Well, according to Real Clear politics, the true delegate count is Clinton 1716, Sanders 1433. It's true that Clinton has a lead over Sanders, but it's less than 300 delegates. If he wins 66% of the upcoming delegates, then he can clench the nomination. In summation, who can beat Trump? The candidate who's under investigation by the FBI, possibly winning by 1% before the mud has really been slung, and has taken an obscene amount of Wall Street money? Or will it be the guy with a pretty skeleton-free closet, a double digit lead over the resident maniac of the Republican party, and a zero balance when it comes to Super PACS?

If the ticket comes down to Trump v. Clinton, then everyone is going to blame Sanders supporters for the inevitable Trump White House. We have shown you, time and time again, who the stronger candidate is. We've used real numbers and real logic to make our point. Trump can't lose to Clinton. He polls way better with Independents, he has an endless pile of dirt on HRC, and he has a rabid base. These statistics may hurt, but they're real. Where Clinton is already tied with Trump, Sanders annihilates him every time.

If you're a Hillary supporter, then you chose to put an inferior, wounded, and easily beatable candidate in the lion's den, and you are wholly responsible for the consequences of that awful decision.

This is the final warning about the dangers of supporting Clinton over Sanders, and if we don't get nuked off of the face of the Earth five minutes after Trump's inauguration, then you can find me on my soapbox, shouting “I fuckin' told you so!”

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