Hillary Supporters Aren't Allowed to Condemn Violence While Innocent Iraqi's Continue to Die

Bernie Sanders had another successful primary victory last night but on social media Hillary Clinton supporters are still going bonkers over what happened in Nevada.

In what seems to be out of sheer desperation, the Hillary camp is still accusing Bernie supporters of throwing chairs and making violent threats at the Nevada state convention this past Friday. None of which has been verified by any media outlet.

So, Hillary supporters are upset over violence? Really? Well, this is news.

Even if no one threw a single chair, this is refreshing. Considering, every single week scores of innocent people die in Iraq due to Hillary’s vote to declare war in 2003, this is new ground. The country hasn’t seen the anti-war left this pissed about violence since a Bush was in office. In fact that crowd damn near disappeared altogether. What the hell happened to the anti-war left and why all of a sudden do they care about Democrats being violent?

In her defense, the disappearance of the anti-war left didn't begin under Hillary’s bid for presidency. It began under the Obama administration, and I still have no idea where they went.

Perhaps maybe the anti-war left only come out to protest violence when it's fashionable. I remember back in 2013 during anti-Syrian war marches, one could hear crickets in the streets, because it was just a handful of passionate protesters marching. It seems that many of the out loud anti-war folks I protested side by side with in 2003 were afraid to protest a black man's war, but not an old white man's war. A woman’s war they presumably will never touch, and they prove this every day.

Hillary supporters claim they are anti-violence by condemning the alleged chair flinging incident in Nevada and punches thrown at Trump rallies. This would all be fantastic and consistent if they had been getting pissed off with the same amount of visceral anger over Hillary Clinton's war hawk history. Yet, they are still the only Americans voting for someone who was in support of the war in Iraq. Hillary supporters shouldn't be allowed to condemn violence at all, considering they're voting for the only candidate on the ballot who promoted the most extreme violence the U.S has waged on a country since the Vietnam War.

Today, however the dormant anti-war left is angry with Bernie Sanders and his riled up fan base. All, over a Bernie supporter lifting a chair over his head and alleged violent messages to Nevada Democratic Party Chairwoman, Roberta Lange,.

What Hillary supporters don’t want to talk about is what actually happened in Nevada. First of all, the initial vote was taken 30 minutes prior to schedule and while delegates were still entering the building. Multiple requests for a re-vote were blatantly ignored. Requests to review and acknowledge petitions were ignored. Then to make matters worse, rule changes were passed without a majority. Over sixty Bernie delegates were disqualified without being given the chance to prove eligibility. The convention was closed with a motion for a re-vote still on the table. But all the Hilbots want to pay attention to is chairs and death threats. Because you know, that’s the important stuff.

But I’m actually skeptical that those messages are real. They've been caught fabricating threats in the past, and the chair in question has refused to release details to the police so they can investigate the alleged death threats. It is a poor effort by shill Hillary supporters to try and claim victimhood. They are more than likely using astroturfed threats. Her Super Pacs spend millions of dollars on sending commenters to "correct" people who disagree with her online, so how do we know that those same hired guns aren't making shit up with fake threats?

Moreover, video footage of the Nevada incident only shows one angry man lift a chair over his head while Bernie supporters talk him down and then give him a big hug. So fucking violent, I know.

Irony is when Donald Trump's dumbass supporters threaten someone, we have seen it on video and it's been verified. The Iraq War that Hillary voted for was a threat to the lives of millions of innocent people in Iraq. It was on video and verifiable. But the allegations against Bernie supporters aren't verified. If they become verified, then we all should condemn them. In the meantime it's more fake anger about violence from the Hillary supporters.

There's no blood on Bernie’s hands. Hillary sits knee deep in Iraqi blood no matter the trillion excuses her supporters mutter with a straight face.

Fact of the matter is everybody had the same exact information and evidence in 2003. The smart people in Congress a.k.a. Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders had the same exact information as Hillary and instead they voted to be on the right side of history, not the wrong side where Hillary Clinton sleeps in the bed she's made for herself. But that doesn’t stop Hillary supporters from trying to place the responsibility on the previous murderous administration.

But come on, it's really easy and convenient to just blame George Bush and Dick Cheney for the Iraq War but it really takes guts to put full blame and responsibility on every single congressmen who cast a vote for that war.

So, excuse me when I hear Hillary supporters bitch and moan about alleged victimless violence in Nevada, and I don't well up with sympathy. It feels as though Hillary leftists only condemn violence when it's done by someone they don't like.

I vowed in 2003 that I would never ever vote for anyone who ever put my friends, my family and my fellow Americans in the path of a murderous war. I recommend the same vow to all of you.

Every time you see a homeless veteran sitting on the streets begging for money, it should remind you of every single asshole politician who put him in harm’s way in Iraq. Every time you hear about an Iraqi veteran who killed himself because of the trauma and PTSD, think about every single dickhead in office who put him there. And while there were many politicians who put our soldiers in harm’s way, only one is running for president. And if you are one of those folks condemning the alleged violence in Nevada, perhaps you should practice what you preach and vote no on the only candidate who supports acts of massive, global violence.

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