It's Time For Hillary Clinton to Drop Out

Hillary Clinton should drop out of the Democratic nomination process, effective immediately.

Her year-long lying spree has officially come to a tipping point and the laundry list of doubts which were cast on Clinton’s issue of trust are verified. The reversal of her commitment to debate Bernie Sanders in California next week and breaking State Department private email rules, while lying about it for an entire year should cement her fate. Her cards are now shown and it’s up to an apathetic Democratic party to come to terms with this.

Let’s tackle her lies about her personal emails first. Then let’s get to her commitment issues with debating Sanders.

First off, it is now very clear Clinton couldn't care less about her commitments to the people. Kind of like her lack of appreciation for State Department rules.

It's not even what's in the meat of those emails that is the problem. It's the consistent backpedaling and constant lies to cover up her blatant rule breaking. Clinton’s own campaign website claims "the laws, regulations, and State Department policy in place during her tenure permitted her to use a non-government email for work." After the State Department report broke this week, we now know this to be an embarrassing lie.

The confusing piece of this whole puzzle is why she worked so hard to cover this up. What was the point? If there was no damaging or incriminating detail in her private email exchanges, why go through all the trouble to wipe it under the bed?

I don't think it was ever about what was in the emails. It's about why Clinton wouldn't cooperate with the ongoing investigation despite constantly lying to the public about her lack of participation. She made public statements claiming that she's "more than ready to talk to anybody anytime." Yet the state report contradicts every promise of hers.

In fact when the Office of Inspector General reached out to Clinton and eight of her former Department aids, they all declined interview access. On top of that, out of the 26 questionnaires sent by the OIG to Clinton's staff, only 5 responses were received. All of this despite the fact that four former secretaries, Madeline Albright, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and John Kerry, all cooperated in questioning from the OIG.

So why didn't Clinton cooperate? Perhaps she hadn't perfected that "sunglasses indoors while I sternly stare at my cell phone totally guilty" look quite yet. Perhaps she's just a stubborn lifelong politician who is used to living above the law.

Let's face the facts here. The rules advised her to use State Department email in the majority of email use. But the report states she never used it once for the sake of convenience which is utter bullshit and the biggest lie of them all.

In the report, her personal server was threatened by cyber hacking and was shut down not once, but twice. That doesn't sound very convenient. It sounds like a national fucking security threat.

Also, in the report it states Clinton wasn't allowed to use her cellular devise inside the office. She would actually have to utilize the hallway to send any form of cellular email which also doesn't sound at all like any type of convenience that we are aware of at Citizen Roots Press.

Typically if someone is sneaking off to the hallway or the bathroom to send someone a cellular message, it’s more than likely of a sexual matter and in that case I totally get it. If Hillary was sending ole Bill some sweet bright yellow pant-suit crotch selfies to pass the time on a slow news day, I get it. However, not at the expense of American security.

She got busted lying. Her campaign got busted lying. And both are busted trying to cover it up with a year’s worth of fabricated nonsense. For this email debacle alone, Clinton should drop out of the race. She is currently under a potential criminal investigation by the FBI because of her lies but wait, there’s more.

For half a year, Clinton and the DNC have desperately tried to keep Bernie Sanders out of the public spotlight since the early debates last year when debates were held in deep mountain valleys no one can get to, in time slots no one was awake to witness. So, every debate is even more important than the last for the sake of making both of their cases, but more importantly for exposure.

This would be the exact reason why Clinton lied and went back on her word and commitment to the American people by backing out of the last Democratic debate with Sanders next week.

She wants nothing more to do with Sanders before the upcoming California primary to give him any more spotlight. She may be a liar, but she’s no dummy and knows damn well that another debate wouldn't be any beneficial to her. In fact, if she could, she would ignore June 7th all together, like it’s never going to happen. And boy did she bite the bullet when the potential Trump-Sanders debate went down the tubes.

But, Hillary supporters sure shit their pant-suites when that whole exchange went down. Clinton goes back on her word to the American people and no Democrat bats an eye. Sanders continues his commitment he made and accepts a hypothetical debate against the blowhard Trump, and the Democrat Party loses their mind.

Trump may have dipped out of the debate with Bernie because of schedule issues but his will to tough it out and debate looked bad for Hillary. The fact that the Republicans had more debates against more opponents than the Democrats, makes Hillary bowing out of her commitment seem even more pretentious and undermining. She's lucky

Trump bailed on the Sanders debate because the only loser in that match was her for simply not being there.

Media Democrats like Rachel Maddow claim that Trump's debate off was a stunt meant to make Sanders look like a fool. Democrats like Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) call Bernie's will to destroy Trump in a debate, "peculiar." "It’s all about Bernie trying to get the advantage in California. It’s not going to work.”

Well, no shit it's about getting the advantage in California. That's kind of the point. When you don't hear any shill Democrats pissing and moaning about Hillary's no-call no-show in the last debate, you know it's a fix. You will never hear Brown complain how it's an advantage for Clinton to dip out of that last debate. And you most definitely aren’t going to hear a complaint from Clinton’s cheer squad leader, Debbie Wasserman Schultz who should have fired herself from the DNC Chair position 10 months ago.

Despite the mainstream media’s love affair with Clinton, despite her year-long lying spree to the American public over those damn emails, despite her risking American security for the sake of her own convenience and despite her lying about attending all of the debates, she still parades around with the same pandering logo: Fighting For Us.

When in actuality, all she's really been doing is lying to us. It's time to drop out.

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