So, What Now?

Tuesday night the considerable divide that's run through the Democratic party during this campaign was aggressively widened with Hillary Clinton's victory in the California primary. For the last year, Sanders supporters have seen an unprecedented surge in the success of a grassroots candidate's campaign. But it looks like a corporate lamprey in a pant-suit is about to snag the nomination, leaving progressives stumbling like they just got punched in the collective ear at the top of a flight of stairs.

Just to be clear, Clinton doesn't actually have the nomination yet. She still needs 180 delegates to actually become the nominee, despite what you're likely hearing. Unfortunately, Sanders needs far more. Clinton will likely be the Democratic candidate because, apparently, the DNC doesn't really give a shit whether or not they win the general election, they just don't want some son of a bitch getting into office who actually cares about the people. They don't want anything to change. And why would they? The same system that keeps us poor, unhealthy, and under-educated, does the exact opposite thing for them.

That being the case, it never mattered to them whether or not Sanders consistently beat Donald Trump by double digits in every major national poll, while their girl was lucky to squeak over that untreated rash on a baboon's asshole by more than five points. It never mattered that Clinton has the lowest likability rating of any Democratic presidential candidate in US history. It never mattered that Clinton's voting record could be easily eviscerated by a high school freshmen with a week of debate classes under his belt. That's because it was never about a Democrat winning. It was about their Democrat winning.

So, what are all of the progressives who have spent their valuable time losing their shit over their once in a lifetime candidate supposed to do now? I mean, I'm still crossing my fingers for that indictment, personally. But sitting on your ass, waiting for the government to indict an ex-Secretary of State who's also a multimillionaire really isn't much of a plan. Bernie Sanders is still in the race, but not to win the nomination. The goal now is to get his message out there until his national stage is completely crumbled. All the cries of “He's so selfish and naive! Why won't he just go away?!” are coming from people who have never gotten the point of his campaign to begin with. It's never been about Bernie Sanders himself. His whole grassroots freight train has always been about the ideas and voting record of the man, not the man himself. Since Clinton has a pretty abysmal voting record, Trump has none, and neither of them seems to have any honest ideas about anything, it's hard for their supporters to relate.

I think it's safe to say that a lot of Sanders core are going to stay by his side until the actual end. Many of his supporters are too young to be entrenched in the median amount of bitterness and defeatism that is the trademark of the American voter. For a goodly portion of them, this is their first election. It's hard to imagine what that's gonna do to their expectations in 2020.

But where are all of these Bernie votes supposed to go? If he can somehow grab a third party spot, then he'll draw the majority of independent voters away from Clinton and Trump, and the general election will come down to which party has more established voters within the party itself. All of the milktoast, dispassionate, dead inside folks, who will just go red or blue, no matter who's on the ticket. They will decide the next President.

It's also come out that Elizabeth Warren plans to endorse Hillary Clinton. The amount of vomit that was stifled by the massive pocket of progressives who view Warren as their principled champion was audible across the country. Many of us suspected that the reason that our dear Elizabeth didn't come out in support of Sanders on day one was that she was hoping to secure the VP slot from Clinton. Those suspicions seem all but confirmed at this point. If Clinton did put Warren on the ticket, she might be able to sweep up a few of those Sanders votes, but a strong VP pick doesn't guarantee you the Oval Office. Just ask John McCain! Totally joking there. Calm down.

Then there are the third party options that are already in place. It seems weird to go with the term 'third party' since there are multiple options in that category, but we don't need to debate semantics just yet. Dr. Jill Stein is the Green party choice, and the Libertarians are going with Gary Johnson again.

There have been numerous polls to suggest that the largest portion of Americans ever are looking to a third party option in an attempt to escape the torrent of nightmares and horrors that are brought by the two major party options in this particular election year. Especially on the right. One poll had as many as one-third of Republicans ready to jump ship in lieu of having to push that Trump button in November. I suspect that a lot of Democrats may start feeling the same way very soon. The best reason that a lot of Clinton supporters can come up with is “Well, she's not Trump, so...” Such passion.

Jill Stein is pretty great. I haven't spent a lot of time digging into her policies, but she doesn't seem to be owned by any corporate interests that I can find, so that's a plus. When you aren't spending your time trying to tickle massive checks out of insanely fat pockets, it really frees you up to focus on policies to keep us from dying from treatable diseases because we're too poor to afford the medicine and finding new ways to not drown polar bears in oil.

And there's always the Canada option. Don't get me wrong. I don't think we should all move to Canada to escape Trump or Clinton's presidency. I say we broker a sale, give Canada a decent deal on the US, but still try to cover our debt to China, and let them give it a shot. They seem to be pretty happy up there.

It's hard to say what's next for the recently disenfranchised progressive voters in America. But I can't wait to see where we go next with this thing.

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