Fear Over Orlando Shouldn't Strengthen Trump's Campaign

The horrific shooting on Sunday that left 49 people dead in an Orlando nightclub, has social media flooded with people eagerly sharing their stance on the issue. The majority of what's been posted so far is comprised of love and support for our LGBT friends and family. There are also the usual side arguments about gun control that follow our all-too-frequent mass shootings in America and, of course, FOX News losing their minds about Muslims. These things are all fairly normal. What caught me off guard was the support that independents threw at Trump in the wake of this god awful tragedy.

I saw quite a few misguided comments about how we need “strong leadership to make sure that this doesn't happen again!” That's not the misguided part. However, the fact that these statements are being followed up with “You have my support, Mr. Trump!” is.

What the fuck do these people think Donald Trump is gonna do to stop bigots committing violent acts with guns?! Hit Twitter with the frequency of a 14-year-old girl until everyone just stops shooting each other? He's a dumb, loud, racist who bragged about how he could shoot someone on a crowded street and it wouldn't affect his poll numbers. You don't fix a shitpile by throwing a bigger turd on top.

But let's humor this terrible idea. What is it that Donald Trump is going to do to prevent this from happening again? Maybe he can stand in Bill O'Reilly's office bathroom, look in the mirror, and say “Radical Islamic terrorism” three times, and the whole thing will just work itself out. According to conservative pundits, our failure to label everything awful as 'radical Islamic terrorism' is what keeps allowing violence in the US.

So, let's disregard the statements from the shooters ex-wife and dad that he wasn't religious. Let's forget the fact that it's Ramadan, and actual Muslims are pretty focused on fasting and prayer at the moment, not gunning down strangers. We'll ignore these things so that we can pretend that there's any merit at all to the claims that this was Islamic terrorism. We're already putting a lot of military focus on bombing the ever-loving shit out of all things brown in the Middle East in an effort to stop ISIS (which is clearly working out great). Maybe Trump can attack the shooters native land. Look out New Yor-... Never mind.

It seems like we may have to go with Trump's early idea about labeling Muslim-Americans so that we know who they are. Maybe we could follow them around. Keep an eye on them. Give them their own little neighborhoods. We wouldn't be the first country to do it. What could go wron-... Never mind on that one too.

But Trump was sure to mention that, had there been more guns in the room, this nightmare could've been stopped! Sure, there were two off duty cops who were firing at the shooter, but don't you dare ask Trump to do some light research before he talks about a major tragedy on national news. If we have one of those pussy politicians who thinks before they speak, considers policy changes here instead of a failing war over there, or doesn't just do whatever the NRA says, then how are we gonna be safe?! Apparently strong leadership starts at the mouth, not the brain.

The republicans may be on to something though. If we pass more gun laws, then only criminals will get guns. This guy was clearly a criminal. He was under investigation by the FBI when he navigated his way through the black market, and got an AR-15 from some shady, back alley merchant for his nefarious purposes. Just kidding. He was able to buy it completely legally, despite being on an FBI terrorist watchlist.

There is one point that conservatives always make in the wakes of attacks like this that actually rings true. They always say “We have a culture problem.” Obviously, they say this to absolve loose gun restrictions, but we definitely have a culture problem. We live in a world were Donald Trump can suggest a 'tag and release' program for Muslims, and be celebrated for it. We turn on the 'news' and are told that transgender Americans aren't fighting for equality, they just wanna get in our bathrooms so that they can serial rape us all. What happened in Orlando was a direct result of the kind of call to arms that bigots of every variety have felt since Trump's rise in politics. He's shown millions of people that it's ok to marginalize and target entire groups of people, just so long as they differ from you in some large way. As long as they're darker than you, poorer than you, gayer than you, or believe in a (slightly) different god than you, then they are the enemy.

Donald Trump and his army of uneducated shitheels have created a safe space for stupidity, ignorance, and blind hatred, that's absolutely detrimental to human progress. When they scream about 'making America great again,' they're referring to the America that saw to it that their rights practically never ended, while simultaneously keeping all of those scary immigrants, 'urban types,' and gays, in their places. You can't espouse the evils of the gay lifestyle over and over again, and then offer 'thoughts and prayers' when some homophobic, right-wing, wife-beating ass jacket guns down dozens of the friends on our side. You know what you should do with your 'thoughts'? Figure out a way to make all of those hapless mouth breathers who believe in you to act like god damned human beings. Trust me. They'll listen to anything that the right person tells them. They're not trying to be all thinky on their own. They need to be led away from their propensities for fear that snowballs into violence against things that they can't comprehend.

In summation, the only question that Donald Trump is the answer to, is “How can we look like the dumbest country in modern history and get blown off of the face of the Earth at the same time?” There's no argument that we need strong leadership in America, but we need that strength to be of the complex problem solving variety, not the big bark/reckless bite variety. That kind of 'strength' has never served us in the long term, and it won't now or in the future.

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