DemExit and RepExit, A Third-Party Response to the Horror of Hillary and Trump

Can I just say to the Hillary and Trump people, you’re being ridiculous.

Seriously, though.

Do you people not know there are other options in this presidential race besides the two worst candidates in the history of our country? You have one candidate who voted for the Iraq War who is a lying, self-serving oligarch. And the other guy is a xenophobic, lying blowhard billionaire who once suggested he wants to fuck his daughter.

So guys, please tell me. How in the hell are the third-party folks the crazy ones? Green Party candidate Jill Stein and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson are worlds apart on policy and experience. However, they are the clear principled and sane alternatives to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. And it’s not even close. Which is why it’s time for all of you undecided and disenfranchised voters to join the DemExit and RepExit movements.

For well over a year Trump has isolated himself from the hardcore Conservatives and Libertarians. Because of his consistent level of dumbassery, there is an unknown chunk of right-wing leaning voters who will be abandoning the Republican Party come November, 8th.

That same exiting wave is now flooding the Democratic Party after Bernie Sanders was essentially blackballed from winning the nomination. Bernie was forced to sit and watch the DNC version of the Red Wedding while all of his ideals, morals and principles were stabbed in the back, beheaded and disembodied. And then to the horror of Berners nationwide, Bernie Sanders turned into Reek right before our eyes. It was ugly.

Thanks to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks we got to see firsthand just how much they fucked Sanders through a series of DNC email hacks.

Yes, another email scandal. Emails to Democrats, is what cocaine was to Whitney Houston.

All kidding aside, these emails all but confirmed what most of us sceptics thought all along: the DNC was in Hillary’s pocket since day one. The absolutely unbelievable email cache put on display the utter hypocrisy that is the Democratic Party and ousted DNC chair, Debbie Wasserman Shultz.

In these emails, the DNC press secretary Mark Paustenbach suggested that the DNC concoct a fabricated story that the Sanders camp was in disarray and chaos. In reality, the Sanders campaign wasn’t in any state of chaos at all. The problem was they were giving Hillary a run for her money. Presumably, a lot of her money.

The most disturbing piece of utter bullshit from the WikiLeaks email hack was the DNC’s sickening plot to attack Sanders’ religious affiliation. Sanders was raised Jewish, but according to DNC chief financial officer, Brad Marshall, he could be portrayed as an atheist.

“Does he believe in God. He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage. I think I read he is an atheist. This could make several point difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and atheist.”

DNC chief executive officer replied to Marshall’s email like the holier than thou fucks that they are in one word: “Amen.”

The WikiLeaks email hack is just another brick in the wall, really, combined with a laundry list of DNC allegations and confirmations:

DNC collusion with Politico, Associated Press and the Wall Street Journal against Sanders.

The unfair superdelegate issue.

The rigged debate schedule.

Alleged campaign finance violations.

The purging of voters in New York, Arizona, Rhode Island and Puerto Rico.

Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s DNC bias towards Clinton when the DNC is supposed to be neutral.

But don’t worry peeps. Despite the resentful disparagement towards Sanders, the DNC apologized and decided to be fair and start the election over.

We wish.

But let’s be honest. The DNC apologizing to Sanders is equivalent to NFL Referees apologizing with 30 seconds left in the Super Bowl to the Denver Broncos who are down by 24 points for cheating for the other team the entire game.

And now ironically, there are seemingly millions of “peeps”, both Democrats and Republicans, who are no longer represented by a major party presidential candidate. Unfortunately, most Americans have the allusion that Republicans and Democrats are the only two parties that have ever existed in our country’s history and could never deviate from them.

In reality, this is the most leverage independents have ever had in any election and the numbers don’t lie.

Remember this: 26% of registered voters are Republican. 29% are Democrats. 42% are independents.

You do the math.

We own this election and the sooner people exit from the state of mind that we have to vote for one of the two big parties, the faster we can nominate more qualified candidates.

Yet we will hear the same fear mongering rhetoric from both sides for months to come. Hillary supporters will tell you that its privilege that enables us to vote for a third-party candidate assuming that we are all white men who will not be affected by Trump’s potential unconstitutional policies. But riddle me this, what the fuck is more privileged than a Democratic Party constantly lying to their constituents, committing election fraud and still demand your vote while claiming to be the lesser of two evils?

Trump supporters will constantly complain that a vote for Johnson is really a wasted vote and is technically a vote for Clinton. Hillary supporters whine that a vote for Stein is also a wasted vote and really a vote for Trump. But we know it’s bullshit. You know it’s bullshit.

Let’s be very clear here. A vote for Stein or Johnson is a vote against BOTH Clinton AND Trump.

No matter what the two-party shills tell you, you are perfectly capable of equally disliking both Trump and Clinton. And you don’t have to vote for either of them. And while Jill Stein will be on most of the state’s election ballots, Johnson is expected to be in all 50. It’s not out of the realm of reality but the two-party duopoly want you to believe it is.

At this point a Republican Party who nominates the vile disgust that is Trump, deserve Clinton as their President. And a Democratic Party who nominates the lying cheat that is Clinton, deserve Trump as their President.

The rest of us? We deserve better. We deserve Jill Stein or Gary Johnson. Hell, I’d even settle for Deez Nuts. But the Armageddon story that both parties are selling us if we don’t vote for their candidates is hogwash. Trying to handcuff us with the issue of Supreme Court Justices is asinine. If the Democrats and Republicans really cared about the SCOTUS vacancies of the next four years, they wouldn’t have nominated crooks for candidates.

The Republicans were better off nominating Ted Cruz. He polled much higher against Clinton and Sanders. The Democrats were better off nominating Sanders who dominated Trump in every single major poll for a year running.

But here we are stuck with a seasoned war monger and a potential war monger.

Remember this over anything else. Hillary Clinton along with George W. Bush started the Iraq War which in turn created the most chaotic instability in the Middle East in modern time which created unprecedented terrorism in ISIS. So for that reason only Clinton is disqualified from the presidency. And with Trump we don't know if he's an isolationist or if he would turn Iraq and Syria into a parking lot. We just don't know. What I do know is I don’t trust either of them.

So, if you feel excluded, disenfranchised or betrayed by the two party candidates, you don’t have to vote for them. Join the movement. Vote for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson. Let’s return the favor to the Republican and Democratic

Party. They chose not to represent us. So, let’s not represent them. Let’s turn out in record numbers and say no more to the two-party duopoly. Let's exit this insanity together. #Demexit #Repexit

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