Kaepernick's Protest is What Freedom is About, Bud

Up until a couple of days ago, I'd never heard of Colin Kaepernick, but I've grown into a fan ever since his political proclivities came to light. Apparently, Kaepernick is a sports ball player, who's the quarterback for the 49ers. Being a white guy from Colorado, I like hockey, and that's about it in the world of sports. So it's not that surprising that I didn't know who the QB for any team was. But I'm a big supporter of people who have a public voice using their platform to bring awareness to political and social issues that affect people who lack that public prominence.

If you're also unfamiliar with Colin Kaepernick, let me fill you in. He's making waves in the media at the moment by sitting in protest during The National Anthem at 49ers' games. Sitting during The National Anthem in an arena full of drunken football fans isn't as easy as it sounds, but it matters. It's Kaepernick's belief that he lives in a country that no longer represents the majority of people who occupy it. He's not alone in that belief, as there's been massive public outcry over the last few years regarding countless reports of police brutality, often involving unarmed black men who end up dead, and no small amount of contention over our awful choices for the presidency. Things are not going to well here.

On the other end of the spectrum is talking Republican sphincter Tomi Lahren, who I assume was conceived when a toxic river flooded a Trump-funded sperm bank a couple of decades back. It's ironic that she works for The Blaze, considering that she's the human equivalent of a dumpster fire.

There's nothing that Tomi Lahren likes more than screaming at black people for 'bitching and moaning' every time that they protest being gunned down by cops for doing what white people are allowed to do every day (carry a permitted gun, go to Wal-Mart, jaywalk, etc). She's a god awful human being, who has no comprehension of political action or nuance, and has whored off whatever tiny fraction of a brain that she has to Glenn Beck, receiving a paycheck from a soon-to-be bygone network for spewing non-facts and vitriol out of the mouth that's bypassed her mind, and made a direct connection to her asshole. Heads up. The rest of this article may be a bit bias.

Starting off Lahren's video about Kaepernick protesting The National Anthem, she says 'bud' about 400 times, which is obnoxious by itself. But more importantly, she attempts to conflate her argument by stating that she supports his First Amendment right to free speech, and that she'll use her own to try to argue against what he's doing. Fair enough. I'll use mine to explain why she's a dick.

Lahren's first 'argument' is that “He will not stand to show pride in a flag or country that oppresses black people.” She makes no argument that this idea is unfounded, she's just pissed at Kaepernick for not being a good 'boy' and dancing for the fans. She takes this opportunity to introduce herself as the personification of a mouthful of warm clam chowder vomit that she is. It doesn't get better from there.

Lahren goes on to say that, according to Kaepernick, there are “bodies in the street, and people getting paid leave for murder.” Well, it's not just him, dumbshit. Anyone with the combination of the internet and empathy feels the same way. We've seen hours of footage that supports Kaepernick's assertion, and it's hard for right-wing assclowns like Tomi Lahren to convince us to deny our lying eyes.

Her next claim is that he has “disdain” for the country, and is a “whiny, indulgent, crybaby.” How dare he?! Whining about cops killing hundreds of unarmed black people on camera each year... The temerity! And how is it disdain for the country to stand up for what you believe is right? The right-wingers in this country have spent a lot of time trying to put those two threads through the same needle, and it's a joke.

Lahren makes sure to point out that “People of every race have fought and died for that flag, and the freedom that it represents.” She's actually half right here. That's a damn good margin for this ignorant, bridge troll for the religious right, who likes to pretend she's a political pundit, considering that she's almost always wrong. Many people have laid down their lives for freedom. Nobody has ever died for the flag itself. That freedom, by the way, includes the freedom to speak out against public officials who are currently perpetrating a homicidal pandemic across the amber waves of grain.

Lahren is sure to never miss a conservative talking point that she managed to hijack from the bumper sticker of the nearest tractor, and points out that if Kaepernick doesn't like America, he can “leave!” I've been on the receiving end of that statement many times myself. Especially when I pointed out that my friends dying in Iraq on a fucking lie had nothing to do with combating terrorism, which seems to be an accepted idea now. But fuck fixing problems! That's way too much of that fancy 'brain thinkin'' for people like Tomi. Love it or leave it, 'cause I've gone fishin' with my baby on board! Chuck-a-muck!

It's possible that my favorite part of the video is when Lahren says “America's not perfect, but what have you done to make it better?” Ummmm... Other than staging the highly publicized protest that your throwing a tantrum over... orrrrrrr...

One of the great things about Tomi Lahren is that she'll never make an asinine comment without following it up with another. She's wonderfully predictable in that way. An example of that is the sentence that followed the one I just made fun of. She actually followed that mouthful of stupid shit with “And, Colin, who's getting away with murder? Because that's a pretty strong claim. I'd like to see some evidence to back that up.” I'm glad to help! In the video where cops pull a drive by on a 12 year old, Tamir Rice is sitting on a picnic table with a bb gun. The police claimed that they thought that Rice was an adult, and that the gun was real. Seeing as Ohio is an open carry state, no law was broken any way you slice it. John Crawford was shot dead within four seconds for holding an air rifle in the store where that air rifle was sold. Philando Castille was killed by a cop who told him to reach for his ID, caught a peek of the gun that he was legally allowed to carry and had already disclosed with said cop, and all of those cases have one thing in common; No indictments. Is that evidence enough, or should I go on? Because there's no shortage of examples.

Lahren finishes her nauseatingly stupid rant by saying that black people need to take “responsi-damn-bility” for being shot by these cops. You see, to a boot licking apologist with half a functioning brain cell, which is what this garbage cunt is, it's always the fault of the oppressed. There is no systemic racism. There is no history of oppression. There is no video evidence of wholesale slaughter of citizens. There's only the righteousness of the state. People (and I use that term loosely in this case) like Tomi Lahren aren't just part of the problem, they're the problem itself. There's nothing human left in them. They have a level of government-induced Stockholm Syndrome that keeps them so blind to reality, that they can't help but tap dance their way straight into the wrong side of history. Guys like Colin Kaepernick, on the other hand, are national treasures. He is a multimillionaire who makes his fortune throwing a ball, but he has a big platform. He has the media's eye, and he's using that attention to fight against the murder-factory that the police state has evolved into. And if you can't see that, you need to take some responsi-damn-bility for your willful ignorance.

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