The Trump/Clinton Race Isn't the One That Really Matters

There's been some rumblings on social media about getting a nationwide Bernie Sanders write in campaign going. And why not? He absolutely would've walked away with this election if he'd gotten the nomination. That's not me speculating. That's poll results telling us that information for months. Throughout the majority of the primaries, a head-to-head analysis of a Bernie v Trump race had the former winning by double digits, which is a veritable landslide. Conversely, a Clinton v Trump analysis generally showed Clinton eeking ahead, often within the margin of error.

The reason that Sanders did so well is obvious. It's a combination of what has voters supporting the more watered down options of either Trump or Clinton. While a terrifying portion of Trump voters are simply racist troglodytes who are completely incapable of critical thought, the majority are just people who are resolutely fed up with 'politics as usual.' In their misguided attempt to take democracy back to the people, they've instituted a maniacal deflated basketball as the face of that change. On the other side of the street, Clinton supporters have been duped into thinking that she's an even remotely progressive candidate. Bernie Sanders is a real progressive who is loathed by almost every establishment politician and their benefactors (which is a good sign). And before you get all “But he endorses Clinton!” realize that to a real civil servant policy is all that matters. From where he's standing, a Clinton endorsement is the only way that his policies see the light of day. So calm the hell down.

As much as voters on both sides of the aisle would've loved to see a Sanders White House, a combination of fearful voters and DNC interference have dashed that dream. A lot of voters who preferred Bernie as a candidate bought into the idea that he couldn't win, even as he was actively winning state after state and polling dauntingly better than Clinton against Trump. Because of this, they voted for Clinton in the primaries. And, as we've learned from a recent slew of leaked emails from the Clinton camp, this is what the DNC wanted all along, going as far as fighting the passing of legislation that would make Sanders look good as to protect the candidacy of their girl Hillary.

So, we could solve everything by just writing Bernie Sanders in on the ballot, right? Well, not quite. Sanders gave up a lot of the momentum that he carried through his revolutionary campaign by conceding the primary to Clinton. The feeling of rejection and disillusionment was strong among his base, and it's hard to say whether or not that wound has fully healed yet. Most voters aren't interested in attempting a write-in vote, and it would take a miracle for him to get enough votes to swing the election in his favor. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't try though.

The big fear is that a write-in or third party vote is going to be a spoiler that gets Trump elected. A lot of time and money has gone into cultivating that fear, but almost no efforts have been made to start a nuanced discussion about the importance of exercising those options at the polls. Especially when you consider the fact that Hillary Clinton has to be massively shoved by public opinion in order to even act like a democrat, let alone a progressive. So the more votes that are cast in dispersion to her campaign, the more likely she is to pop her head out of Goldman Sachs' ass long enough to work on legislation that actually benefits us. Jesus, she didn't even support gay marriage until 2010. That's a political no-brainer for any politician on the left. But the Secretary had to be absolutely sure that those checks wouldn't stop before she could commit to anything.

As for the fear of Trump winning, no need! If you haven't figured out by now that he's desperately trying to sink his own campaign before everyone realizes that he's a completely incompetent loser who couldn't run a classroom full of Mormon kids, never mind a whole country, then I don't know what to tell ya. He never wanted the job to begin with. He wanted to build his brand and have a quick cash grab. How else was he supposed to recover from the losses of two casinos, Trump University, Trump Vodka, Trump Steaks, Trump Airlines, Trump Water, and multiple bankruptcies? His only real source of income seems to be licensing his name for the facades of buildings. Not a very sustainable business model when people avoid deals with you like the plague.

But nothing about this presidential race is all that important to the future of America. Spoiler Alert: Clinton's gonna win. And while I would love to get all mushy and patriotic about our first female president, I can't. She'll be more of the same nothingness that most of us are tired of, and it's not that grounbreaking to have a woman in your top office. Sri Lanka did it in 1960 and 58 other countries have followed suit. If you're doing the math, that puts us 56 years behind. It's actually embarrassing that it took us this long to entertain the idea of a female leader, and even more embarrassing that we picked that one. So, make sure that all of you Hillary fans don't pat yourselves on the back too hard or you may fall off your high-horse.

It's all about the down ballot elections in 2016. Especially in the Senate. If the Senate returns to a left majority, then Bernie Sanders automatically becomes the chair of the Senate Budget Committee. While this office may not have all of the sex appeal that the presidency has, it's an insanely important position. The committee is in charge of setting and reviewing the budget for Congress. As chair, Sanders would have a massive roll in the movement of money in government. He would have a 'yuge' influence on where our tax dollars went, and Congress's treasure chest would be under the steady gaze of a man who's biggest platforms were all based on the idea of reallocating the people's taxes into programs that would actually benefit the people themselves! Paul Ryan is right to be worried.

There are 34 Senate races this year, and 24 of those seats are held by Republicans. That means that the Democrats need to gain at least four seats to secure the majority. If you happen to live in one of the states with Senators on the ballot, you have a much bigger effect on the immediate future of America than anyone obsessing over the lose-lose Clinton/Trump shitshow. If you're looking for change, you'll find it a few slots down on your ballot.

If you're not sure whether or not your state has a Senate race this year, click this link to check... Please... For the love of god...

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