Jeff Sessions' Reefer Madness

No one reading this should sit still and give Donald Trump a chance. I know at least I can’t. I just can't afford to. Not for my family I support at home, or for my friends in danger of losing their rights across the country.

I was actually one of those jackasses who declared we should "give him a chance” shortly after his win. Sure, it was only for about 48 hours until his first disaster of a cabinet appointee, but I was one of those hopeful dummies who thought there may be something salvageable within this disaster. Fortunately, it was short lived mainly because of Trump’s pasty, out of touch, conservative wackjob Attorney General nomination. Otherwise known as U.S Senator from Alabama, Jeff Sessions.

Besides the fact that his middle name is Beauregard, which I guess on face value is “history geek cool” (as much as the whole “my parents named me after a Civil War General” thing can be cool). But then you member that General Beauregard fought for the South and his battle flag was kinda the Confederate Flag.

But in any event, Sessions has been obsessed with the war on drugs for as long as Trump has been grabbing unwilling pussies. Except, Sessions doesn’t want to grab your pussy. He wants your reefers. He wants your brownies. He wants “the pot.”

Perhaps our saving grace is that after Nov 8, a whopping 28 states are now on board with some form of legal marijuana legislation on the books, which has had some pretty massive economical benefits for the states that led that charge. But with Sessions becoming the new Attorney General, it presents a very dangerous showdown in the coming months and literally throws me personally into the forefront.

I am a medical marijuana grower in Denver. This directly affects my life. We have fought long and hard in Colorado for the legalization of marijuana and we are absolutely thriving in economic opportunity and growth. In 2016, Denver was named Best Place to Live in America by Forbes, U.S News and World Report, Business Insider and 5280 Magazine. But, don’t believe any of that nonsense. We're full. You should move to Milwaukee instead!

We have so many out-of-staters moving here for marijuana jobs and goodies that now our traffic sucks and the rent is too damn high. But we did happen to create over 18 thousand new jobs and essentially root marijuana out of the black market. Hell, even our crime rates lowered after legalization. We are living proof that prohibition does not work. It is simply unaffordable and frankly, inhumane. National marijuana legalization could have sweeping benefits for the country as a whole.

And now, unexpectedly, we have a potential roadblock in all of this beautiful progress with Sessions and his backwoods Alabama version of the Department of Justice. He has been Senator of Alabama for almost 20 years. And if there is something he has been good at in his reign in state government, it’s been putting his citizens in prison. And a whole lot of them. Hell, he probably still thinks that 'pot needles' are a thing that ever existed and he definitely believes that marijuana is a drug that causes the user to become mad with lust and undignified, savage criminality.

Alabama holds the 3rd highest adult incarceration rate in the country. So, one would think that with Sessions throwing so many “criminals” behind bars, the crime rate would be low, right? Wrong.

Alabama ranks third in the nation in violent crimes, fifth-highest in property crime with 19 percent of people living under the poverty line. Sounds like paradise, doesn't it? More accurately, it sounds like the next four years on the national level if we let our guard down.

What scares me most about Sessions is the tone of the new administration regarding law enforcement as a whole. We are going from Barack Obama, who is the first sitting president in United States history to visit a federal prison, to Trump who should be sitting in a federal prison for defrauding tens of thousands of Americans. But, Obama was the first president to actually see what it’s like inside one of those secretive and dictatorial prison doors. President Obama has pardoned more non-violent drug offenders in his two terms than the last 11 Presidents combined. Obama's record on immigrants and whistle blowers may be dismal, but he's pretty close to being right on the drug issue.

In contrast we have the self-proclaimed “law and order President” who doesn’t like Black Lives Matter or any protester for that matter. He once suggested that Black Lives Matter helped instigate police killings and he has referenced to “roughing up” protesters on more than one occasion. Sessions, who will essentially be Trump’s bulldog, will echo this rhetoric when it comes to enforcing laws on drug offenders.

The big question is, am I still a drug offender in his eyes? What will Session do to the now majority of states who stand to make big bucks without the feds approval? Will the feds shut every single state down? And if so, how in the holy hell will they enforce it? The Republican Party is going through a colossal paradigm shift. But are they still the party of small government? Us marijuana business owners and growers sure as hell hope so.

In all of this talk about how racist the Trump campaign will be, everyone at our warehouses and dispensaries hope that the only color Sessions sees is the almighty green. Pun intended.

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