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For the sake of keeping relationships with people I love, I chose to log off of Facebook for the last two months. Well, today I logged on just for a quick few minutes to see how the political situation was going since I have the extremes of both the left and the right on my feed. What I saw convinced me that I can no longer stay silent while Republicans continue to dictate and control people's lives while their supporters turn a blind eye.

Do you conservatives seriously believe that the extreme changes that Trump has made will not affect you? I mean come on. We all know you guys do not give a shit about anyone or anything as long as it's not affecting you personally. So let's talk about how these things will affect you and not just everyone else that you watch on the news from your living room, disconnected from the rest of the world. I do not know how to show you that you need to care about other people, so let's try this instead:

Women's March:

I am so fucking sick of people with their "Not My March" crap. Without feminism you wouldn't have the luxuries or the protections you have now, so fuck off. Without women in our past pioneering for our future, you'd be lucky to have a career at all and be able to claim your independence.

I was at the march in Denver and it was amazing. It was powerful. It was solidarity. It was caring about other people. It was about all of the progress we have made as a community and putting our foot down to say, "No, you will not take us backwards."

It amazes me how people claim they aren't a feminist. Feminism is not about bashing or hating men, it's about fighting for equality. And while there are still laws that regulate my body/choices and not a man's, we're not done fighting. The law favors men, and we're just never going to be cool with that until women are treated with the same respect as a man is.


Now, Republicans tend to let their religion dictate this and ignore actual science and facts here. Let me make something very clear. Separation of church and state is imperative for a reason. Your religion can dictate you and your choices for as long as you live but I do not give a fuck if you want to believe abortion is a terrible sin. If that is what you believe, then don't have one.

But once your religion starts to dictate my choices, we have a problem. My atheism will never affect you because I do not believe that human beings have the right to dictate what is or isn't a "sin"-so back off.

Your "Christianity" is something else. You ignore the numbers, you ignore the studies, you ignore the health and welfare of other people, and you claim this all because you just don't agree with it. Well, I don't really give a shit. I don't agree that your hypocrisy shines bright when you hide behind your religion. You don't want there to be abortions, so instead you'll claim that you care about human life as the pregnant mother dies due to complications at 22 weeks along. Or let's say she does have the child but it was a child from rape and maybe the baby was exposed to drugs during the pregnancy- well shit, you don't want to pay for the Medicaid or the food stamps it's going to take to raise the human you cared oh so much about saving. God Damn Hypocrite.

The EPA/Climate Change:

I have a decent amount of farmers that I used to be friends with on social media. How do you guys feel about this one? This is your livelihood we're talking about. Removing all of the information about climate change and pretending it doesn't exist will not help your crops, it will hurt them. There are multiple scholarly articles on this topic that have been peer reviewed. I'm more than happy to send you the links if you need them. This is not shit that people are just making up.

North Dakota Pipelines:

Again, do you really think that this will have no impact on the environment? Do you really think that the protests this past fall were for nothing? There is nothing I can do about this anymore except wait for the day when I get to say, "I told you so."


Did you really not learn your lesson in history class with this? Come on. Bringing these people who need our help will not hurt our economy, it will help to grow it, it helps to create diversity, it helps you and your children see another side to life. You contradict your religion that is all about caring about others and helping the poor on this one once again.

Building a Wall:

Again, has history taught you nothing? I mean that wall worked out great for Germany and China, right? *eye roll*


WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU GUYS DO?! You people have kids in school and the head of our education department is completely unqualified. So unqualified that people have had to correct her grammar in her tweets. What in the hell were you thinking here??


This is a touchy one. I hear your pain on having to pay ridiculous premiums just to have healthcare. But what will you do when you don't have any at all? You work for a small business, your employer still will not be required to carry it, and you make too much money to qualify for Medicaid.

I get that you would just rather make your own choice on whether you have healthcare or not- shit I'd love to make my own choice on whether I carry car insurance or not too, and I need my car less than you need your health. You do whatever you want here, but don't take it away from those who want and need it. You have seen the stories of how much the ACA has helped people all over the country. I just hope you never need it once you've decided you don't want to pay for it anymore. I know a good bankruptcy lawyer. Let me know if you need her number later after that emergency room visit...

Martial Law:

Did you all hear about Trump threatening to put FBI forces into Chicago? Yeah that's a breach of the 10th amendment in the constitution. Will you protect #10 like you protect #2? Doubt it.

In the end, if this year has taught me anything, it's that the veil has been lifted and we see you, Republicans for who you truly are. And if you seriously think that this kind of action won't come back to bite you in the ass in 2 years when we get to reelect congress, you are sorely mistaken.

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