Why George W. Bush Is Not Your Liberal Ally, And Why You Are Crazy If You Think He Is

I’m old enough to remember a time when liberals across America celebrated the plight of a whistle blowing, up and coming whippersnapper organization called Wikileaks. Why were they celebrating? Because Wikileaks with the help of Chelsea Manning, exposed war crimes and torture authorized and perpetrated by then, President George W. Bush.

These were the good old days when liberals lionized journalistic leaks that exposed the lunatics in power. These were the days when Bush was spoken of in the lowest of regards for his murderous foreign policy and his documented disrespect to the United States Constitution.

Fast forward to 2017 where self-proclaimed liberals are repulsed by the mere mention of Wikileaks, and are now parading around their old worst enemy in an effort to delegitimize their new worst enemy. In the last week Bush has been making his rounds on liberal minded talk shows like Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen and the Today Show. And while in reality he is only making these rounds to pimp his new book, his recent candid comments in People Magazine regarding free speech and racism are the catalyst for the new found liberal love for George W Bush.

“I don’t like racism, and I don’t like the name-calling, and I don’t like the people feeling alienated,” the 70 year old lunatic told the magazine.

Liberals are celebrating Bush’s comments as direct criticism towards President Donald Trump which would be fair if Bush wasn’t a fucking murderous international war criminal. Celebrities like The View’s Joy Behar announced that because Bush is critical of Trump, she now likes him. Hell, she even said she would buy one of his paintings.

On the Ellen Show, Ellen had no memory or shame while dancing with Bush who is infamously anti-gay and anti-women rights. Bush notoriously backed a proposed constitutional amendment to forbid same-sex marriage and has the same exact stances on abortions and birth control as Trump. It just hurts the brain to watch Ellen gawk over Bush. It really does.

I never thought I'd see a time in my life where George W Bush is loved and revered by liberals. I swear I must be living in some backwards Black Mirror episode.

George Bush is a bonafide MURDERER AND TORTURER. There have been rumors for years that there are actual countries he isn't allowed to travel to because he will be arrested on war crimes immediately upon arrival.

But at least he's safe on Jimmy Kimmel, The Today Show and Ellen where they crack jokes about his creepy flirty relationship with Michelle Obama and his disdain for ponchos. Never mind the fact that it was Bush's illegal murderous war campaign that destabilized the entire Middle East killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslim women and children. And it was his economic policies that created the biggest Wall Street crash since the Great Depression. What liberals really want out of Bush is more Trump criticism to further their mindless and forgetful ideologies.

Nothing today should piss you off more than the embarrassing liberal resurrection of George W Bush. It’s fucking vile but it’s par for the hypocritical liberal course. And it's all because Bush has spoken out against Trump. And now liberals not only have lost their minds over Bush, but their memories as well. It’s like they forgot about Cindy Sheehan who lost her son in the Iraq War. They forgot about her inspirational and brave protests outside of Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas. She voted third party by the way.

They have forgotten about his response to Hurricane Katrina. They have forgotten about his torture campaign that sent our troops on deadly wild goose chases. They have forgotten about Abu Ghraib. They have forgotten about the Patriot Act.

I swear modern establishment liberals are like Colorado weather. Wait 5 minutes and they'll change their stance.

It is so easy to be critical of Trump. The subject matter is endless, trust me. But to celebrate George Bush because he agrees with us about Trump, is simultaneously whitewashing Bush's deadly wars and deeming the liberal ideology mentally unstable.

As far I’m concerned, George W Bush isn't allowed to just pop up out of nowhere and say he doesn't like racism when his very policies for 8 years condoned it. George Bush is the worst President of my life time. He killed more innocent Muslim people than any President before him.

He is anti-gay and anti-1st Amendment. Hundreds of thousands of women and children are dead because of his murderous wars. And now folks on the left praise Bush's criticism on Trump but conveniently forget that Bush murdered and tortured thousands of innocent people.

No, George.

You don't get to come out of the woodwork and act like you're some fucking saint on some forgotten moral high ground. You will always be the most destructive President of my life time. And until another President does as much damage to the world as you did, silently piss the fuck off.

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