Ivanka Trump is No One's Liberal

There has been an odd claim by liberals that Ivanka Trump is some sort of mediating and balancing force in her father's White House. This idea likely stems from the gasping desperation by the left to find a reasonable person on Trump's staff who's close enough to the POTUS to keep him from tweeting us all off the edge of the face of the earth. And why not? Trump's cabinet is so full of investment bankers and unqualified cronies that the whole Executive Branch has turned into a bad sitcom that even the 1:00 AM slot at FOX wouldn't stoop to airing it. Sadly, there are a lot of reasons why putting that faith in Ivanka Trump is ridiculous and misguided.

We can start with the fact that Ivanka Trump has made exactly zero claims that she supports even the most benign of liberal agendas. Other than her default ticking of the stereotypical boxes of (fairly) young and female, she has no known affiliation with the political left.

It's extremely hard to button down just exactly what Ivanka's political views are, as she seems to have inherited the gift of using vague platitudes in order to circumvent the adoption of a backbone. At the Republican National Convention she said that “Like many of my fellow millennials, I do not consider myself categorically Republican or Democrat.” Setting aside the fact that the 35-year-old Ivanka is barely inside the cut off of the oldest allowable millennials, yet still felt the need to invoke her affiliation with the generation, there are still a number of problems with this statement.

Firstly, it tells us precisely nothing about where she stands politically. Now, if she were just your run-of-the-mill absentee heiress, getting in bar fights and flashing snooch at the paparazzi to stay topical, it really wouldn't matter what she thought about world affairs. However, Ivanka Trump is well educated, intelligent (I'm guessing from her mother's side), and an actual and critical part of The White House staff with a crucial role in advising the president. This makes the particulars of her personal politics very relevant to the rest of us.

And why the need for the party-line ambiguity at all? My guess is that while her father just manically rants on Twitter at all hours of the morning, Ivanka actually reads it. It doesn't seem too farfetched to assume that she had a much stronger finger on the pulse of the American voter than her father did, and she knew just what to say. The idea of the pretty, young daughter of their man Trump popping up on FOX News to talk about tax cuts would be extra motivation for all of the hosts of chemically-charged semi-erections who still watch that channel to vote for her dad. Conversely, floating the baseless idea that she may be a sounding post for left-leaning youthful voters in an administration that was heavily cloaked in populist drag, may court a few votes, as well as build a sort of long-term trust with that same demographic. If that was the Trump team's actual strategy, it's a pretty clever one.

Ok. Let's have an abrupt shift in tone. Let's say, for the sake of argument, that Ivanka Trump is a covert liberal, spending countless hours combating her father's blanket insanity and ineptitude. If that's the case, then it turns out that Ivanka is just as incompetent as her father. After all, the windmill of misguided and cartoonishly right-wing corruption and stupidity that Trump has attempted to unleash on us all, has yet to be stifled at the executive level. Our only buffers so far have been Congress and the Senate, and even those branches have been questionable when it comes to defending their voters.

I have neither the available word count, nor the inclination, to list off every executive order, botched legislation, or near miss that has been backed by Trump's White House in the last few months, but something doesn't add up. If there were some influential detractors of the president's policies in his direct circle, than it's almost impossible to believe that the myriad of abominable and disastrous budgetary, environmental, and social policies wouldn't have some kind of brakes applied before careening into the wall of disillusion that over 53% of Americans is currently raising (he has a historically low 42% approval rating right now).

As a matter of fact, the only way that the idea that Ivanka Trump is a balancing influence in government works in the face of what we've seen, is if The Donald is actually much crazier than we ever thought. Maybe this is the watered-down version of the current POTUS. Maybe if Ivanka was sitting at a different table, Trump would have already nuked every domestic media outlet that doesn't have a standing invitation to work with Fox and Friends. This is, of course, grossly unlikely.

The fact of the matter is that Ivanka Trump is no champion for human rights. She's not a kid rebelling against her father. She's not the voice of reason in the madhouse. She's a woman who was born with an upper hand, used her advantages and smarts to facilitate her own success, and was sanctified by a large herd of frightened and angry people by simply not being as nauseatingly inept as her clown-college flunky of a father. As much as I hope to be wrong on this, all that this tells me at this point is that we really need to be more discriminate with our heroes.

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