Biden's VP is all the dems should care about now (Op-ed obviously)

With Bernie suspending his campaign on April 8th, the Democrats are facing much longer odds in the general election than they seem willing to acknowledge. Biden is the presumed candidate, and a target rich candidate he is.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has always had trouble breaking out of the runner up category when it comes to being the nominee for president. Being aggressively pro status quo has only been one of many slices to Biden's political Achille's heel. His history with bussing, The Crime Bill, and his treatment of Anita Hill during the Senate confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, have all been historical hindrances to Biden as a nominee.

But this time around fortune and fuckery seem to have finally shone on Ol' Joe. The perfect combination of being the DNC's appointed heir apparent to the presidency, and having his nearest opponent labeled as the media, GOP, and Democratic Party's Enemy Number One, all conspired to give Biden the candidacy that he's sought many times over the years. To be fair, Bernie and his supporters had the job of clearing those walls, and they weren't able to. So, Biden it is.

However, there are new problems now that the former VP didn't have in previous primaries. Yelling at factory workers, saying things like “you can vote for the other Biden,” and stopping mid-interview because he flat out doesn't know how to answer a standard question, all speak to a noticeably declining cognition. This is likely why we haven't heard much from the candidate lately. It's not much of a stretch to assume that his campaign officials have observed the value in keeping their candidate rumbling lowly in the basement of this battle for as long as possible. Of course, that's just conjecture.

The hardest fight for the dems though is going to come in the wake of the recent sexual assault claims leveled against Biden. Particularly, the account from his former staffer Tara Reade. Though grossly unreported, her claim seems as credible as anything we've heard against Trump or Kavanaugh. And Biden's silence on the matter is deafening. This leaves the #MeToo/ “I believe her” party in the extraordinarily uncomfortable position of confronting the steadfastness of those positions.

A decision has to be made here. Either maintain a strong opposition to the sexually predacious activities of the rich and powerful while vociferously demanding answers to the allegations, or start training for a series of mental gymnastics that'll make it possible for you to cast your vote for Biden in the shadow of the potential that he's guilty.

His policy positions are also nothing to write home about. The VP has made it a point to all but sew his lapel to Obama's coattails throughout the campaign, while offering the strong position of business as usual. He went so far as to tell a room full of wealthy donors that “Under my administration nothing will fundamentally change.” Then he carried the ball further down the field of unsolicited compromise by stating that if Medicare for All was passed through both the Senate and Congress, he would veto it. But, hey. He's not Trump.

So, why is a Joe Biden VP pick literally everything in this campaign?

Firstly, Biden has no love from the growing progressive wing of the Democratic Party. He's made it a point to scoff at bills that are even remotely left of center, berated the legitimate fiscal hardships of millenials, and has made a long career of kowtowing to the GOP before the fight even starts. Not only does he not inspire this faction, he represents the exact kind of 'lesser of two evils' politics that has only benefited those who are about nine tax brackets above most of the rest of us.

If Biden is interested more in winning than in feeding his political ego, then a strong progressive running mate like Nina Turner would galvanize a deeply fractured left. The reality is that leftist voters can not be ignored if the dems want any shot at unseating Trump.

Secondly, on the outside chance that he can beat Trump to begin with, there's a good chance that Biden will be out of the Oval Office before he can even get the drapes measured. That mental decline that I mentioned earlier doesn't take much digging to see. And while there's a strong case to be made that the current POTUS is also a contender for removal via the 25th Amendment, the difference is that Republicans will actually utilize the measure that removes someone who's unfit for the office. Democratic leadership won't even talk about it.

Thirdly, and most importantly of all, it will be a clear signal of what kind of choices Biden is going to make if he does win. Should he pick another centrist, pro-corporate, prematurely compromising politician like Amy Klobuchar, we'll know straight away that the donor class is getting every seat at the table yet again. With no other representation in the room, his inevitable SCOTUS pick will probably be a right of center gift to the religious conservatives, and Bezos or Wells Fargo will be able to send a letter that lays out Biden's cabinet for him (see Obama Cabinet Citibank if you need a reference).

Conversely, should he be overcome by a moment of either madness or clarity (depending on who you ask), and put in a no Super PAC money, M4A, living wage, honest to fuck progressive, Biden will signal an openness to ideas that I personally have no interest in giving him credit for just yet.

The truth is, Biden is running on “I'm not Trump” because it's almost impossible to find any other logical reason to vote for him. He's disinterested in effective climate measures, holding banks and Wall St. accountable when they sink the economy, comprehensive immigration reform, prison reform, or ensuring a living wage. And he's made it a point to state those positions repeatedly. The GOP party line runs deep in the veins of Strom Thurmond's old friend.

Without a running mate that represents real change, Biden is nothing more than the rotting husk of a dangerous and floundering ideology, just waiting to be kicked into the snarling jaws of an inevitable Trump re-election. It's the job of him and his base to prove otherwise and court voters who desperately want a good reason to vote for him, rather than being saddled with the “You owe us your vote!” narrative.


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