Dems Help GOP Screw Immigrants... Again...

by Chad Hankins

In a frustratingly typical move from a democratic majority, the GOP finds itself in a position to clutch across the aisle with only the facade of resistance.

In this case, it’s snarled its way to the surface in the form of crushing immigrants and citizens alike during a global pandemic. So, what happened? Why is ‘Blue no matter who’ not givin’ ‘em hell?

Simple answer: centrist corporatism. But we’ll get back to that. Let’s start from what vote we’re talking about.

Newly elected President Joe Biden found himself in a pickle after constantly crowing about his bipartisan prowess when the Right came a knockin’. Senator Collins and pals were trying to get the COVID relief checks down to an even $1,000 after Biden had promised double that. Of course, Biden himself had already backed that figure back to $1,400 by this point. But there’s a sort of avaricious sense that comes with being a senator, and the squeeze just wasn’t tight enough. To Biden’s minor credit, he held firm at his lower-than-initially-promised figure.

Enter Senator Young. This representative of the hard-right decided it was time to reintroduce an amendment that had been previously struck down that would keep undocumented immigrants from getting that sweet stimmy that almost pays enough of your bills to keep you from being homeless.

Even Marco Rubio was against this penny-clutching. He and Texas Senator John Cornyn (R… Duh) proposed a bill that would still hurt immigrants, but would give those American citizens who married outside of their borders a stimulus check.

But why should undocumented immigrants get stimulus money when they don’t pay taxes? You may be asking. Well. In short. They absolutely do pay taxes. In addition to contributing billions to the annual GDP of the US, undocumented immigrants individually paid more in taxes in 2019 than Jeff Bezos. Nearly to a man. So, why not include them? You’d have to ask every single Republican Senator and these eight Democrats:

Sen. Hassan, NH

Sen. Kelly (AZ)

Sen. Sinema (AZ)

Sen. Manchin (WV)

Sen. Peters (MI)

Sen. Stabenow (MI)

Sen. Tester (MT)

Sen. Hickenlooper (CO)

These are the 58 Senators who decided that crossing an imaginary line was a good enough reason to deprive a human being of less than $5 a day of survival money. And this is indicative of Centrist Dems as a whole. Kelly and Sinema won their very seats on the back of an immigrant uprising, and turned around to put a ‘yay’ vote on this shit-shingle of a bill. Mind you, this was a zero pressure vote as the GOP didn’t have the votes to pass or block anything. Even with the spineless eight who kowtowed to the lightest of Republican pressure, the amendment still wasn’t able to pass. So, these gelatinous reps showed the incisions from their spinectomies for exactly no reason.

Now, if you’re like many Americans, you’re looking for the part where this screws us too. Look no further!

There’s a thing called Mixed Status Families. In short, a person born and raised in America falls in love with and marries someone who was born somewhere else. This puts that citizen in a position where they no longer get that stimulus either under this bill. Nor do their kids, citizens or not, and there’s no help to be found.

So, under this shell bill that was trying to get shoved through, you would wind up with both immigrants and US citizens getting burned on a stimulus check that will barely make a dent for millions.

At the end of the day there is a dollars and cents argument to be made here. With the housing of captured immigrants being around $700 a night thanks to inflated government contracts, an average deportation cost of nearly $3,000 a person, and the cost of educating kids that are products of a Mixed Status Family, it seems much cheaper to cut stimulus checks to workers who contribute to a net positive GDP than it is to put people under the gun because of almighty geography. But I guess a good chunk of distinguished democrats don’t agree. Blue no matter who, right?

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